Welcome to Colour Industries


Colour Industries Series Coatings GmbH (private limited company) is a medium-sized Saxony-based company which specializes in the coating of different materials.

From the beginning the company‘s original field of activity was completed by several services so that Colour Industries today is presented as system supplier providing full process controlling from sourcing, production, quality control and international dispatch has been concentrated and consequently expanded.

Its merger between industrial production and traditional craftsmanship makes the company appear with innovativeness and well-founded know-how. Colour Industries is then able to guarantee short production periods, flexible reaction to customer‘s needs and short response time.

In-house developments of coating processes (some of them patent pending), tools and production-supporting facilities contribute to an extension of competitive advantages of the company and to cost-efficient solutions even for smaller quantities.

In addition Colour Industries is able to act on international level. For the divisions Sourcing and Sales the company can rely on competent personnel and experiences from projects with foreign countries in Europe, Australia, Mexico and China.